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Welcome to Hirakata Lab!

Welcome to Solid Mechanics Laboratory (Hirakata Lab!)

This research group aims at understanding the mechanics and physical properties of materials in the microscopic world. When the dimensions of a material are on the nano/micro-meter scale, it exhibits deformation and fracture properties that are different from those of macroscopic materials that we are familiar with, but the mechanism and governing laws are unclear. For nano/micro materials, we are developing our original experimental methods and conducting reliable material strength experiments to study the deformation and fracture mechanisms and the multi-physics properties of mechanics and other physical properties. Our research topics includes strength and mechanics of materials in nano/microscale, physics of rewritable materials strength by electrons, mechanisms and dominant mechanics of creep and fatigue fractures, mechanical properties of two-dimensional materials and atomic layer structures, development of experiment methods for nanostructures and thin films, creation of high-strength and high-performance nanostructured materials, and multi-physics of mechanics and other physical phenomena such as electronic properties.

Focusing on “mechanics” that govern deformation and fracture and “physics” that create functions, we aim to build a theory that reveals complex physical phenomena in nano/micro-scales.


Fracturing micro cantilever beam!!


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